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Jinyou Group "Do not forget the original intention to seek development, keep in mind the mission to open a new game" Yan'an training course

Returning to Yan'an in my dream, holding the Pagoda Mountain with both hands..." With respect for Yan'an, the sacred place of revolution, combined with the party history study and education arrangement, from April 19th to April 25th, Jinyou Group held the "Don’t Forget" in our center. At the beginning of the plan for development, keep in mind the mission to open a new game" Yan'an training class, leading the backbone of the enterprise to pursue the revolutionary ancestors' battle trails, look back at the glorious years of the revolution, truly appreciate the great Yan'an spirit, and deeply understand the self-reliance and hard work of the Chinese Communists during the Yan'an period. Sublime character.

"Yan'an is the sacred land of the Chinese revolution and the spiritual home of the Chinese Communists. The Yan'an period was a period when the Chinese revolutionary cause led by our party went from a low to a climax and achieved a historic turning point. The older generation of revolutionaries and the older generation of communists stayed in the Yan'an period. The fine traditions and style of work under the government, the Yan’an spirit with the main content of the firm and correct political direction, the ideological line of emancipating the mind and seeking truth from facts, the fundamental purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, and the entrepreneurial spirit of self-reliance and hard work are the precious of our party. Spiritual wealth. Vigorously carry forward the red tradition, inherit the red gene, maintain the spiritual blood of the Communists, learn party history, understand ideas, do practical things, start a new situation, and make every effort to promote the high-quality development of Jinyou." Chairman Pan Jing at the opening ceremony The speech on the official launch of a 7-day journey of soul-building, self-cultivation and tracing.

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