Roaming the mobile world, showing the enterprise mind

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The development in the virtual world can not be ignored

With the popularity of 4G and the arrival of 5G, more and more people use mobile phones to surf the internet. Mobile devices are more than desktop devices affect the daily life of modern people, everywhere manning a machine to bring huge amounts of data fast, a riot of colours, social news, entertainment, online shopping, car sharing these new things without relying on mobile phone to palm. The mobile phone is not only the most common terminal current access to the Internet and has penetrated into people's lives every detail of life, become an indispensable modern life activities, the data transmission speed, wide extent and people to the information age every day on the emergence of a large number of new things to understand deeply is simple so far there is no any other media can compared with.


Creating brands and creating popularity are top priorities for businesses

So, in the face of this new business in the virtual world of intense thinking: how can the different, all kinds of mobile phone equipment, mobile terminal display business strengths, expand enterprise influence, gain more public awareness? However, the same content of the website, in the size of different, different types of mobile phone screen, showing satisfactory results, is not an easy thing

The recently formed Jiangsu Jinyou electrical holding group Shanghai Jinyou Jin Hong intelligent electrical Limited by Share Ltd, Jiangsu Jinyou electrical holdings group actual controlling shareholder in the capital operation, can realize the connotation of capital operation, industrial investment and financing. Epitaxial capital operation can achieve mergers and acquisitions, financial investment. In information technology, with information technology, big data processing and technological innovation ability, can handle high growth, diversification of information assets. Excellent data management capabilities become the core competitiveness of enterprises. In the intelligent manufacturing, new energy industry environment flexibility, ecology, manufacturing automation, intelligent construction has a strong scientific research team.


Digital domain name """

To demonstrate the advantage of group capital operation, technological innovation, electronic commerce, international trade, new energy to seize the high-end market, enterprises above the network technology team company Shanghai Jinyou Jin Hong intelligent electric Limited by Share Ltd stock code 830994 for the website logo, created the digital domain name "mobile phone browser is easy to operate and", pointing to the group in English bilingual web site.

Remember, the domain name, is in line with the current input is convenient, fast paced, intelligent and networked working and living fashion, highlighting the company's top at the end of the new energy market lead determination.

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