The company set the "photovoltaic power generation system with cable" series standard

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In order to promote solar energy resources utilization in China and the national development of new energy industry, with cable manufacturing and product promotion and application specification of photovoltaic power generation system, Chinese appliance industry association "photovoltaic power generation system with cable" series standard was drafted by the Shanghai Jin Youjin Philip Intelligent Electric Appliance Co Ltd, Beijing certification center and other units, by Chinese cable centralized authority in two, O officially released in April 18th one or two. Standard number CEEIA B218.
The photovoltaic industry in China is in the stage of rapid development, and there is no corresponding industry standard or national standard for the cable of PV power generation system in china. Design, procurement, use, acceptance standard. The service life of the cable can not be consistent with the service life of the components, resulting in the operation and maintenance costs of the system after installation increased, and the power generation efficiency decreased.
The release of cable standard for photovoltaic power generation system will play a guiding role in the selection, procurement, use and acceptance of cable for photovoltaic power generation system. It provides the possibility to optimize the design of photovoltaic power generation system, which can reduce the project cost and save the maintenance cost.
Standard classification of cables for photovoltaic power generation system. The provisions of the applicable anti UV, ozone resistance, acid and alkali resistance, salt fog resistance and climate environment requirements of the photovoltaic power generation system with AC / DC power cable, control cable, computer cable and instrument characteristics, types, specifications, technical requirements and inspection requirements.
The standard specifies the expected 25 years of service life of cables and photovoltaic modules for photovoltaic power generation systems. Meet is located in alpine, desert, sea, beach, grassland and roof in different climatic environments of different types of photovoltaic power plant selection.
Cable standard photovoltaic power generation system (CEEIA B218) consists of four parts:
Part first: General requirements (CEEIA B218.1):
The second part: AC and DC transmission power cable (CEEIA B218.2):
The third part: the control cable (CEEIA B218.3):
The fourth part: electronic computer data transmission cable (CEEIA B218.4):